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Meet our Pastor

Pastor Joseph Bell was born and raised in the church.  Growing up in Bethel Holy Church in New York City, he gave his life to the Lord at a very young age and became very active in the ministry serving as a junior usher, youth leader, and Sunday School scholar.  He served as the church drummer from childhood until adulthood.

Brother Joseph Bell had a passion for working with choirs, ensembles, praise and worship teams, and other musicians. In the 1980s and 1990s, He established the Gospel Fellowship Music Workshop, an organization devoted to educating and ministering to the body of Christ and specifically ministering to those who were called to music ministry.  This ministry opened the door for him to produce several gospel recording projects.

Elder Joseph Bell

Lead Pastor

On July 7, 1992, Deacon Joseph Bell, Jr. answered the call to preach and was ordained in 1994 to assist his father, Bishop Joseph Bell, Sr., in ministry at the Bethel Holy Church.  As Bishop Bell’s assistant, Elder Joseph Bell Jr., founded the Bethel Community Bible Institute accredited through the Samuel D. Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University.   He served faithfully as an assistant to the pastor until Bishop Bell’s passing in December 2015.  Upon the passing of his father, Elder Joseph Bell was appointed as the interim pastor of Bethel Holy Church.  On October 22, 2016, Elder Bell was officially installed as the pastor of Bethel.

Pastor Bell has enjoyed a very impressive career as an educator and a school administrator. He has combined his formal training in education and administration with his knowledge of God’s Word to build the basis for his ministry.

Pastor Bell has a passion for families and particularly young people. He served as the President of the National Youth Convention of the Mount Sinai Holy Church of America, Incorporated from 2009 to 2011.  He is a member of the Executive Council of the National Young People’s Department and the Education Department of Mt. Sinai Holy Church of America, Inc. as well.

Pastor Bell considers the family to be a most valuable component in society as well as the church.  Pastor Bell has been blessed with a wonderful family. He has been happily married to his wife, Toya, since 1992.  They have been blessed with four children: Joseph III, Victoria Grace, James, and Olivia Joy.  He is grateful for the example and influence of his parents, Bishop Joseph and Mother Minerva Bell, in his life.  To God be the glory!

Leadership Team

  • Toya Bell – First Lady of Bethel Holy Church; Chairperson of the Deaconess, Sisters of Virtue Women’s Ministry

  • Antoine Glass - Facilitator of Sanctuary Ministries

  • Katrina Green – Facilitator of Spiritual Matters

  • Stephanie Green – Facilitator of Fellowship Ministries/Coordinator, “It’s a Family Thing; It’s a God Thing” Conference

  • Nicole Greene - Facilitator of Missions, Outreach, and Evangelism Ministries

  • Karl Gregory – Chairman of the Deacons; Facilitator of Education Ministries

  • Edith Moore – Facilitator of Service Ministries

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