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The Deacons are charged with caring for the operational aspects of the church so that the Pastor and elders may devote themselves to prayer and the ministry of the Word



The Deaconess assist the Pastor in developing the spiritual life of the women and girls of the Church; cooperating with the Pastor and Deacon Board in visiting members of the Church; and assisting in the preparation and administering of the ordinances of the Church.

Sunday school


Presenting the Word of God to all ages, the Sunday School is designed to encourage the daily study of God’s Word, strengthen our relationship with the Lord, and  provide a venue for fellowship while studying the Word of God.

Armor Bearers


Men and women who are dedicated to serving the Pastor and First Lady by assisting, protecting, watching, interceding, and supporting the pastor’s vision with an attitude of faith, peace, respect, and submission.

Men of Standard


 Our Men’s ministry provides men with the resources to develop Godly character and help equip them to influence their world for Jesus Christ.  This ministry is designed to help men become true disciples of Christ.    



M.O.R.E. – Missions Outreach and Evangelism (M.O.R.E.) reaches outward, through personal witnessing, evangelizing, helping the needy and less fortunate in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. M.O.R.E. conducts periodic evangelistic events, Street Services, and special outreach endeavors.  



Our Ushers Ministry insures that all who come to this church, whether to join, visit, or take part in a special service, are welcomed into God's house.  The Ushers create an atmosphere of love, fellowship, and excitement for everyone who enters the church through a friendly welcome, knowledgeable information about the church, and help for those who need it. 

Wellness Ministry


Believing that God wants His children to experience His blessing mind, body, soul, and spirit, the Wellness Ministry is committed to ensuring that the total health and awareness of the membership are being cared for physically and spirituality, with education programs, spiritual support, and connecting the needs of whole person to resources within the congregation, community, and the health care system.

Bethel Community Bible Institute


BCBI educates, empowers and equips the church through the systematic study of God’s word, membership training, leadership training, and ministry training.  Certification in areas of ministry are also available.   



The Visitation Ministry offers encouragement, assistance, and kindness through visitation to those who have become ill, physically incapacitated, or have lost a close family member.  They minister to the sick and shut-in-members of our congregation through home visits and visits to the hospital or nursing rehabilitation centers; in conjunction with the Pastor and deacons, serve Holy Communion; and offer encouragement and comfort through prayer and praise and worship.   

Youth & Family Ministry


The Youth & Family Ministry is committed to loving our youth with the love of Christ, engaging them in ministry, exposing them to the word of God, and equipping them to be faithful, lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.

Ministers Board


The Evangelists and Elders of the church assist the pastor in carrying out ministry in the church.  Additionally, the Ministers Board concentrates on in-reach through building relationships with members while ministering to their spiritual needs and obtaining help for their physical needs; and outreach by assimilating newcomers and visitors into the body of Christ.



The purpose of Community Outreach Ministry Events (C.O.M.E) is to extend God’s love to those within the community who have the greatest need. The ministry serves with other ministries within the church to physically and spiritually feed the community, through prayer, fellowship, and the provision of donated items.  C.O.M.E. sponsors the Bethel Soup Kitchen; Food Pantry; and Clothing Giv-a-way.  

Kingdom Kids


Kingdom Kids is an exciting program designed for children ages five through twelve. 

Sisters of Virtue


Our Women’s Ministry, Sisters of Virtue, is a sisterhood . . . a Christian ministry consisting of women of all ages striving to live according to God's Word by advancing the Kingdom of Christ.  The Women's Ministry seeks the fellowship of women for the common purpose of equipping and empowering participants to become mature Christian women through fellowship, the study of God’s Word, cultivating the believer’s personal relationship with Christ through a lifestyle of prayer, worship, and service. 



Greeters act as the hosts and hostess for this church. They are trained to receive guests in a loving and caring way.  They are responsible for introducing our guests to the congregation and machining them feel welcomed in the House of the Lord.   As ambassadors of this church, greeters will be on duty at all services, activities, and events. 

Helping Hand


The purpose of the Helping Hand ministry is to welcome new members and demonstrate positive, loving and spirit filled attitudes; shepherd the new members through the membership process; teach them about Bethel Holy Church; help them make their initial connections within the congregation; and assist them in sustaining their relationship with the church.

Family Night


Family Night – This monthly ministry reaches out to families and family members inside and outside of the church congregation; and provides all segments of the family opportunities to fellowship and build relationships through activities and recreational events.   

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